Private Dance Workshops

Hildy hosts private dance workshops for Hen parties, Birthday parties, Clubs/groups, events and team building.

Take a look at what’s available below, if what you want isn’t there or you have a unique idea, feel free to contact hildy and ask.




Love the movie? You will love this workshop! This is the Greatest Workshop! (can you see what I have done there?) Learn a routine to one of the films fabulous high energy songs. Learn steps from the actual routine in the movie so you can dance along every time you see it.


1920’s/1930’s CHARLESTON  


In this foot flailing workshop you will learn aspects of ‘The Charleston’, ‘Black Bottom’, ‘Traditional Jazz’ and much more. Hildy Will take you back to the days of the roaring 20’s and 30’s when guys and dolls really knew how to hop.


1940’s SWING



This Jumpin’ workshop will be an introduction to ‘Swing’ which includes ‘The Lindy Hop’, ‘The Shag’ and much more. Hildy will help you bop and swing like the best of them, get ready to have a real blast.


1950’s ROCK ‘N’ ROLL

HH rock n roll

This cool workshop will be an introduction to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Dances such as ‘The stroll’ and ‘The Bop’ will be added to a number of 1950’s dance trends including ‘The Hand Jive’. You could be a real hep cat once you learn Hildy’s hip 50’s dance moves

1960’s GROOVE

60's dance

Within this groovy workshop you will get down with the cool cats learning dance trends of the 1960’s such as ‘The Twist’. ‘The Monkey. ‘The maddison’, ‘The Mashed Potatoe’ and much more.




Ever wanted to tease like Dita or jiggle like Gypsy Rose Lee? Well why not try this workshop where you can learn to be a saucy seductress of the naughtiest kind! Choose a prop (fan/chair subject to availability/feather Boa/gloves), you can even request your favourite sexy song! Hildy will take you on a journey exploring the humble strip tease and the world of Burlesque; as well as teaching you all you need to know about how to present your body to its full potential, teaching you top tease techniques using seductive walks, poses, turns and SO much more!



 show girls

This workshop will bring out your inner diva! Taking you into the world of cabaret and floor shows, Hildy will show you how to show off like a show girl! You will learn how to gain flexibility, kick and spin like the pro’s of days gone by. You will also get an idea of how to perform some of the great show stoppers such as Can Can kicks, splits, spins, leaps and much more.




Join Hildy as she explores the world of the classic Hollywood musical; get to grips with a few Gene Kelly tap moves, smooth sophisticated Fred and Ginger swirls and some crazy hot jazz. A vintage extravaganza of movement and music from your favourite Hollywood movies.




Nobody puts baby in a corner! And Hildy certainly won’t be putting you in one either if you choose her Dirty Dancing themed workshop. Get to grips with lovely latin steps, graceful ballroom and bawdy bump and grind! You will have the Time Of Your Life!



beyonce gif tumblr_maw3vwicsk1qf51lto1_r2_500.gif

Single or not this workshop is hip whippingly fun! Learn to bounce your booty like Beyonce in this fun , high energy class. You will be equipped with all you need to  put a ring on it and nail this Beyonce classic!




Bring out your inner Bollywood beauty with Hildy in this hip shaking workshop. You will learn about the origins of Bollywood and some amazing steps and positions to boogie in true Bhangra style, finished off with a routine to a familiar Bollywood inspired song!



thriller 2

Thrill yourself in this Michael Jackson inspired workshop. Learn to turn, shuffle, glide, slide, grasp and twitch like Michael and his zombie crew in this spooktacular session. You will learn a version of the original routine from this epic music video as well as some classic Jacko moves. Choose this routine to make any Halloween a hoot! (Disclaimer! Halloween is not just for October peeps!)






musical theatre







All workshops include pictures and a video of the performance of your routine as a memento of your workshop. However you can also a gift for your guest of honour thrown in too simply ask.

All workshops last 1 hr 30 mins, begin with a warm up and an introductions to steps/technique and have a small 10-15 minute break then move onto a tailor made routine ending with a cool down.

Workshops are open to all abilities of dancer (from never danced to pro).

For More information, prices and booking please contact Hildy at or call 07833246906.


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