Online Dance Workshops

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Dance For Fitness Workshops

Dance for fitness is a series of  workshops based around three different aspects of fitness: Cardio/Endurance, Strength and Flexibility. You will explore different dance techniques, steps and exercises as dancers do during their training.

The first three workshops will be themed with one of the three different aspects of fitness and will consist of learning dance moves, exercises and techniques. Then using these within a routine which you will learn.
The Fourth workshop will be adding all exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility together into one programme you can follow for the rest of the year .

The final programme will be recorded and available online on Hildy’s Youtube channel so you can use the routine after the workshop. (Routines will only be available to those who attend the workshop).

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The Greatest Showman Dance Workshop

Experience the chance to be a part of the colourful world of hit musical The Greatest Showman with Dancer Hildy Harland. During this workshop you will learn dance moves and techniques inspired by the songs and dance numbers from the film.

The workshop will consist of a warm up, some dance technique and of course leaning an amazing routine to on of the films hit songs.

This session is for all abilities.

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FREAK OUT! – Free-Dance/Mindful Movement Class

This class is foremost a fun free-dance class. Based around freeing your body of techniques and allowing both body and mind to completely relax, dance your stress away and move freely without over thinking in a judgement free environment. As well as a great place to explore physical creativity.

We will dance to all kinds of music from Beyonce to Beethoven. Each class will run as follows: Warm up, guided free-dance (to help beginners get used to letting go), Full free- movement section with an eclectic playlist, Cool down/stretch, and finally a guided meditation and/or time of silence to reflect on your experience.

Suitable for all ages 16+ and all abilities,

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