So You Want To Dance Like Gene Kelly?

Saturday 1st September, 10am-12pm at Caedmon hall, Gateshead Library, Gateshead.


Join  Hildy Harland as she explores the world of the classic Hollywood musical; get to grips with a few Gene Kelly tap moves, smooth sophisticated Fred and Ginger swirls and some crazy hot jazz.

This 2hr session is for all abilities and no partners required.

For ages 16yrs +


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Sunday 14th October, 12-4pm at Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Join Hildy Harland and Irene Costa in an afternoon of delight as they take you on a journey to The Moulin Rouge.

You will learn all you need to know about the Sultry Tango with Irene and get a bit cheeky with some cabaret style Jazz with Hildy. Using some amazing songs from the soundtrack of the film.

Both workshops will last approximately 1hr 30 mins with 3 short breaks.

Tickets will be on sale from Wednesday 8th August at 8am.

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FREAK OUT! – Free-Dance/Mindful Movement Class

This class is foremost a fun free-dance class. Based around freeing your body of techniques and allowing both body and mind to completely relax, dance your stress away and move freely without over thinking in a judgement free environment. As well as a great place to explore physical creativity.

We will dance to all kinds of music from Beyonce to Beethoven. Each class will run as follows: Warm up, guided free-dance (to help beginners get used to letting go), Full free- movement section with an eclectic playlist, Cool down/stretch, and finally a guided meditation and/or time of silence to reflect on your experience.

Suitable for all ages 16+ and all abilities,


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