Inspirational Thursdays

Hi chaps and chapesses,

Hope you are all fine and dandy!

Busy times have hit! As you may have noticed if you follow me on other strands of social media you may have noticed I am trying a few new things out, such as modelling and choreography (not so new, it’s just been a while!). So apologies for the lack of posts.

I’m going to try something new. So when I’m not feeling at my best and maybe I didn’t get an audition or someone made a rude comment or something I always turn to a few famous ladies of the past for guidance and inspiration. This is always a sure fire way of putting my spirits back on top form! So I thought I would share a few of these wonderful ladies with you and share what I find so inspiring and helpful about how they looked at life and dealt with difficult situations. So today’s inspiring lady is Nina Simone.


So I first of all need to say how much I love the music of Nina Simone her voice and piano style is simply stunning and very much my idea of perfection. So why is Nina on my list of inspirational women? Well basically to put it bluntly, she didn’e give a shit about what anyone thought of her! As a Black woman in 1950’s/60’s America, life was not a walk in the park for her, she was denied a place to study classical piano, it is suspected because of the colour of her skin. But she used her huge talent to create her very own jazz/blues style using old jazz standards, folk and even childrens songs to wow her audiences in the clubs and bars where she first found her fame. Once Nina began to rise in popularity she became known for her vocal part in the U.S civil rights movement.

So when I feel like I need the strength to follow my own path and ignore the negativity of others this is who I look to!

So who do you find inspiring and why?  Comment below

Until next time peeps, Hildy x

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