Happy new year!

Hello lovely people! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
I am simply giddy  this new year new year I have lots of exciting ideas and plans whizzing about under my victory rolls! I’m finally in my new house and have space to make you guys some video’s which I am super happy about! Definitely some ‘how to’ dance videos going on the youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/hildyharland.

I’m also looking for venues for dance workshops. It’s going to be a marvellous January, I’m teaching a dance course for a local charity and hopefully getting up and running with my stretch and relax class too .

I have also started a dance networking blog for dancers and people interested in watching dance and participating in classes, which launches on 4th January so do go over and have a read on Monday https://www.danceculturenortheast.wordpress.com

So here’s to a new year with lots of fun and frolics!
H x


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