Getting technical in dance

What a great day yesterday starting to see some fabulous progress with my vintage-fit ladies. I think it is so important to build up a foundation of skills before dance. I may be a bit weird in that my fascination with how the body moves means that the boring parts like getting the right posture and using the correct muscles in isolation exercises is really exciting for me. And safe to say it is even more thrilling to see my lovely classes really starting to get it!

As well as that, I have been practicing for an audition which I had at the weekend, I’m trying not to hope for a large part but secretly I want one. I think all performers get that though.
I have been practicing a song from Sweeney Todd. ‘The worst pies in London’, it is such a difficult song to learn the timing is a feat in itself. I may just try and record a little version for you people and get some opinions 🙂

Well I will leave you all with this which is a little taste of what is to come in December as my affiliation with ‘Mog on the Tyne’ cafe gets underway. So if you want to do some relaxation stretch and strengthen classes in the comforting presence of some super cute kitties.

 click the link to get a preveiw of me new relaxation strength and stretch class


Watch this space. 🙂

HH x


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