winter is coming

Well it is lovely to be back to my blog again, after working my bottom off for Edinburgh Fringe festival performing with One Moon Productions.


What an experience, the performance was one thing but the atmosphere in Edinburgh throughout the festival was amazing, seen some fantastic performers and shows in big venues and small. I loved every moment and jumped at the chance to attend again next year when asked again just for a weeks run but I would be happy to do a secondary show too so any offers would be lovely ;-p


But as quoted in the title ‘winter is coming’ and I have come home to the prospect of looking for more work for the run up to christmas. In the search for more work I had some fabulous headshots done a couple of weeks back which I will share with you over the next few posts,  by the fabulous and very talented Oliver Fowler.

I’m feeling very positive about the next couple of months and hopefully the struggles over the past year will be well worth it and I may be able to say I am fully self employed very soon.

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